5 Reasons Why the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a Need in Your Life!

5 Reasons Why the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a Need in Your Life!

When you see a Himalayan salt lamp, it’s so beautiful and mesmerizing that you don’t really expect all the positive benefits it has to offer. It’s kind of like when you see someone super attractive and expect them to not have much substance, but then they start talking and you realize that they’re attractive and have a good personality too! Well that’s what the Himalayan salt lamp is like, looks good on the outside, and just when you thought it was only good for looks it surprises you with all the inside benefits it has!

When a Himalayan salt lamp is lit up, it gets rid of the “bad” ions in the air and releases cleansed water vapor back into the air as well. Basically, the whole process works in a way to kind of “purify” the air for you! So you get to enjoy the amazing glow while feeling the comfort of knowing that the air you’re breathing in is nice and fresh! When the whole process is happening, great things are going on right before your eyes that you can’t even see!


So obviously you need this in your life, and here are the top 5 reasons why!

Breathe Baby Breathe!

When you light up your Himalayan salt lamp and those ions are being released into the air, it’s making the air nice and fresh for you! So if you have asthma or have any kind of problem with your breathing, this process helps to get rid of all the dust and “invisible air crap” that can make it harder for your airways. Continued use of the salt lamp can help with improving breathing problems and coughing.


Have Better Sleep!

So although not scientifically proven, there have been claims that the reduction of blood and oxygen to your brain caused by too much exposure to positive ions in the air can cause you to lose sleep, but because the salt lamp is a positive ion slayer, you can expect to get some longer naps in! I for one have insomnia, and although it hasn’t cured my restless nights of no sleep, I definitely feel like it helps somewhat. Maybe it is because of the positive ions being taken away, but I think it has more to do with the relaxing glowing light in my pitch black room that kind of makes me feel more at ease. So skip the night light and try the salt lamp instead.


The Giver Of Good Vibes!

Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter that is involved in our feelings of happiness, and since the Himalayan salt lamp ion process can increase this, that means it can increase your happy feelings! Once again this has not been scientifically proven, but there have been studies and trials that have seen people with low density negative ion exposure to have improved moods. So why not keep the good vibes going with a pretty Himalayan salt lamp, right?!


Electromagnetic Radiation Slayer!

Your phone, your computer, your tablet, your electronics! They all release electromagnetic radiation which can have long term effects like stress and fatigue when you are over exposed to them, but the negative ions released from your lamp can help fix that! Now one little lamp might not be able to cancel out all the radiation, but it helps to neutralize it, and if you ask me, any little effort is better than no effort at all!


The Perfect Compliment To Any Room!

Himalayan salt lamps a B-E-A-UTIFUL! I mean even if it didn’t have all of the benefits listed above, I would still have it in my room because it’s so pretty to look at. The Himalayan salt has an amazing earthy look that fits any design style, and the light makes this a statement piece that will catch attention. Plus, lighting this baby up at night sets the mood in the room for a perfectly romantic night.


You don’t only have to get a lamp, this one is a candle holder!


It’s pretty, it’s helpful, it’s the total package! Next time you are thinking of ways to improve your sleep, health, or just in the mood to update your room, make sure to go for the Himalayan salt lamp! The benefits are too good not to try it! Believe me, you won’t regret it!

If you can’t be in awe of Mother Nature, there’s something wrong with you

-Alex Trebek

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