Hellooo, I’m Danielle Guillory and thanks for coming! I’m a Cali girl born and raised, and I’m a fun, loving, free spirit (I really feel like I was a hippie in my past life) and so naturally I wasn’t somebody who followed the “typical” path of life.

I live life to the beat of my own drum and I can definitely say it’s been an adventurous roller coaster filled with many ups and downs, but whether good or bad, you know what I love about all of those moments? It’s that those moments have molded me into the loving person that I am today. I feel like maybe I was meant to live and learn those life lessons so that I could connect with everyone else on a deeper level, who knows! My life is constantly changing (it may be due to the fact that I’m a Gemini and we get bored easily lol), but one thing that remains constant is my love for spreading good vibes and living life to the fullest!

I’m a dreamer, I’m spontaneous, I believe in the universe and everything happening for a reason, I mean even the fact that you’re right here, right now, reading this, is the universe bringing you here for a reason!

The Vibes Are Good is a blog that covers food, fun, fashion, fitness and everything lifestyle. I love to experience everything life has to offer and I want to share all of these experiences with you too!

I don’t use crazy words that nobody knows to describe the flavors of the food I’m tasting, I’m not gonna buy clothes that I think are ugly just because it has a designers name on it, I’m not a fitness freak who goes overboard with the gym and nutrition. Even though I may not be an expert with these subjects, food, fun, fashion, fitness and lifestyle are all things that I love and enjoy! I’m passionate about trying new things in all of these categories. I hope you can benefit from the fact that I’m not a “professional” at all of these and that I will always bring my true personality and opinions. When I’m posting, I want you to be able to really relate to my experiences!

I hope you enjoy all of my posts and I’m sending many good vibes your way!!!

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